Saturday, February 24, 2024

Do Americans Really Need a Roof Over Their Heads?

In a world of ever-expanding wealth inequality, those who possess significant wealth today tend to become tomorrow’s hyperwealthy. The aristocracy of hyperwealth has always existed, but it was formerly limited to rare individuals whose family history or luck in the industrial world endowed them with prestige and supplied them with power. Most members of the class acted discreetly, preferring to avoid the public spotlight.

2020 Has Shown That We Are Not “Better Than This”

I hit 75 years old a little over two weeks ago. All in all, I have been lucky throughout my life to have found much to be thankful for as each birthday rolled around on the shortest day of the year. Early on, I couldn’t understand why my birthday was shorter than everyone else’s and was a little bitter about it until I figured out that it was a daylight issue and nothing more sinister than that.